Použitie ortopedickej zdravotnej postele


“Perfect for small, medium-sized, older, muscular, hairy, silky and elegant giants.”

Pohodlná domáca posteľ pre psov

Comfortable Home Bed

Cestovné lôžko pre psa

Travel Bed

Vyberateľný matrac pre psa

Removable Mattress

Cestovný taškomatrac pre psa

Dog Travel Bedpack

Comfortable Home Bed

Home-like, practical, lightweight, breathable, non-slip, comfortable and classy bed, den for your pet, which matches any interior decor. Place the medical bed and mattress separately on the couch, armchair, doghouse, or floor in the apartment, house or patio.

Travel Bed

Ideal for travelling in a car – in the back and front seat and in the trunk. Thanks to the removable mattress and the individual non-slip compartment for inserting the mattress, it creates variable storage options and, most importantly, travel safety for your pet.

Whether you are travelling on vacation, to a dog show or veterinary clinic, the feeling of safety, home-like environment and healthy comfort will always be there with you.

The medical bed that your pet loves will give it a sense of home when it goes to “pioneer camp,” which is a dog hotel, in the times you need it most.

Furthermore, you can always keep the non-slip bed protection in the car and only carry the mattress. It’s a 3-in-one medical bed.

Removable Mattress

The orthopedic removable medical mattress and a special pillow are easily portable and individually applicable without any additional requirements. The mattress is airy, lightweight and thus suitable to be carried by anyone in the family and to be stored in any place indoors. The mattress with an individual cushion gives the aesthetic impression of a classic bed despite the lack of storage area. The mattress structure of luxurious silver fabric, cotton, VISCO MEMORY mattress foam, magnetic therapy, merino wool with anti-slip coating represents a revolutionary and fundamental change for the comfort, prevention, relaxation, and therapy of your pet.

Dog Travel Bedpack

The Dog Travel Bedpack is simple dog bag mattress which is both a novelty and a prototype on the market. It looks and feels like a bag when closed, which makes it both easy to hold and carry. On the outside of the closed bedpack there is a little pouch, a storage compartment where you can put everything you need to walk your pet. At the same time, this compartment is used to store the documentation at dog shows or vacation.

You can comfortably place your pet in the bag, which is designed for smaller breeds. It will nestle into the soft foam design, which wraps around your pet and creates a comfortable and safe room instead of an uncomfortable carrier bag. The benefit is that it doesn’t move around when it is carried and therefore it can’t get injured. Its body is surrounded by soft foam.

When you open the bag (by removable velcro), you will make room to store your pet at any place. You can put the bag on the car seat as a pad, protecting the backrest. You can also put it on a chair, the seat of the couch, where you will protect its cover. Or, you can put it on the floor in a café or garden, or on the terrace to create a home-like environment for your AMORE MIO

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